Apply For Medicaid/CHIP
Health Care Coverage

Benefit Specialists Make it Easier to Enroll for Health Care Coverage

It can be confusing to know if you are eligible for assistance. You may be unsure about the application process.

Benefit Specialists can help you through the entire process and make sure your application is completed and submitted correctly.

Other Reasons to Contact a Benefit Specialist:

  • The service is completely free
  • They can simplify the process for you
  • It’s fast — most appointments only take an hour
  • They can make sure your application is error free
  • They can ask the right questions to find out if you’re eligible for coverage
  • They can make sure you do not experience gaps in coverage and help you re-apply for coverage if you need to re-enroll

You can also call (620) 365-8128 or email <<email address>> for help.

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